About Us

Pampa is a specialized investment firm, pioneer in agribusiness and food investing in Latin America, one of largest and most dynamic agricultural regions in the world, with a track record of identifying early and executing investments in sectors expected to be favored by the forces shaping the agricultural space globally. In 2002, Pampa was one of the first vehicles to offer international investors opportunities in farmland in South America. Since 2008, Pampa offered international investors exposure to other opportunities across the agribusiness and food value chain focusing on agricultural productivity (ag machinery, precision farming, proprietary hybrid seeds and crop protection), grain-to-protein conversion and logistics.


Pampa seeks to acquire agribusinesses with sound underlying business fundamentals, long-term competitive advantages, leading market positions, disruptive technologies or business models and strong product portfolios that through clear strategies, innovation and disciplined management can generate significant shareholder value. Pampa believes the implementation of such plans requires taking an active management approach, given the complexity of acquiring family-owned companies, the cultural barriers for incorporating new technologies, the magnitude of the operational challenges and the scarcity of management and financial resources for companies in the sector. Pampa believes its focus on agribusiness and food, as well as its know-how, experience and connections, provide a major edge versus other financial investors.


Pampa believes that considerable opportunities exist in the global agribusiness and food sectors. Such opportunities are not necessarily obvious or easy to capture for many investors. Inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the agribusiness value chain are vast, making it a primary target for the development of new technology platforms and business models and source of profitable prospects. Pampa has identified deals in several sub-sectors across the agribusiness production chain.


Pampa's seasoned team of professionals have been together for more than 14 years and proven to have the skills to identify opportunities early, diversify risk within the agribusiness sector, navigate during turbulent times and market cycles, and protect and enhance value for its investors. Our partners have deep understanding of and experience in the sector, coupled with financial, operational, technological and deal execution skills, management capabilities and an extensive network of relationships. Our investor base is broad and diverse; ranging from high net work individuals to family offices and large institutions and endowments in the U.S. and Europe.